Chapter 2 - Acts of God / Page 1

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(maritza says) Page 1: Blood-curdling screams.

And Chapter 2 starts! We're very sorry for the lateness. As it is, Bachan and I decided that for now, the schedule would be officially changed to "Whenever" but we'll have new material as frequently as possible. For now, I have seen at least 2 more comics almost finished, just the colors missing. So it's very likely we'll update regularly at least for a week. Remember! You can follow the updates using the rss, or follow me on Twitter. I always announce updates and news on twitter, and my username is @maritzac if you want to see the announcements as the comic updates. In addition, you're welcome to follow me in Facebook, I'm maritzacamposr, or in Google+, as maritzac.


Vinny by Bachan

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CRFH by Maritza Campos