Chapter 3 - Personal Space / Page 9

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(maritza says) Page 9: No fun.

Freudian little guy.

We have two important announcements today.
First: Unfortunately, a few days ago Bachan was involved in a biking accident. The good news is,"it could have been a lot worse." The bad news: SIX broken bones.

Now, since Bachan's some kind of Batman-like hero, he's already bouncing back and trying to work, as you can see with today's color. He's supposed to take it easy so he's working a bit slowly (not bad considering one of the broken bones was his shoulder) and although his resilience is commendable, any further delay on the updates because of this is surely understandable. Second: Yes, we have decided we will set up a kickstarter-like for the updates/book combo. Details will be up beginning of next week. It'd be kickass if you helped us getting it off the ground.

As always, we love you.


Vinny by Bachan

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CRFH by Maritza Campos