Chapter 3 - Personal Space / Page 16

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(maritza says) Page 16: Negative one billion.

Someone's having way too much fun.

Going on well past 11K and about to hit 12K! This update we will be adding a digital perk with the black and white versions of the pages (yes!) aaaand… surprise! The spanish version of the book???

Why, you ask, did we crowdsource funds to print the book in english, and now we have even the spanish version?? Well, the answer is that for the spanish version we’re in a partnership with someone else. The english version, however, will be handled exclusively by us! And that’s why.

So you can acquire your spanish book if that’s what you prefer right here too :D

Speaking of which… wow, the sketched versions of the books are flying. It’s no surprise to me. I mean, have you SEEN this guy’s sketches???

I have no idea what kind of detail he’s putting into these sketched books, but damn, he can sketch GOOD.

I’ll upload a couple more when we get to $12K. ;)


Vinny by Bachan

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CRFH by Maritza Campos