Chapter 6 - Blink / Page 19

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(maritza says) Page 19: Because reasons.

Kind of hard to listen to reasons when you're dangling from a mechanical arm four floors from the ground. The kicker: you're afraid of heights.

Guys, we REACHED our 10k goal and it's all thanks to you!! You people are so freaking AWESOME!!! ♥♥♥♥

There are still some days left in our campaign, so if you haven't bought your book, you better do it now so it gets shipped in the first batches! And some of the perks, such as the sketches and the cameos (and Power Nap Vol.1 hard cover edition) will be gone when our campaign ends. Don't miss out!!!

(maritza says) Welcome!

This is Power Nap, our online graphic novel. It's a science fiction story heavily oriented towards action and humor.

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El Bulbo by Bachan

CRFH by Maritza Campos

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