Chapter 6 - Blink / Page Zero

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(maritza says) Page Zero: Cover.

Hey guys! Sorry for dropping off the face of Earth for a while. Between preparing the book and traveling to some special events (which included traveling to see our print service guy) there has been no time to make new comics.

However, it's time to start updating again. Here it is, the cover for chapter 6.

Some of you asked why there was only 22 pages in chapter 6. If you have the first book, you'll notice the same: there are two chapters of 24 pages and one with 22. We can't add more pages because that would mean getting into the next tier of shipping costs... it's quite tight.

Nonetheless! We're starting chapter 7 (and Book 3) pretty soon.


Vinny by Bachan

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CRFH by Maritza Campos